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25lb bags for wholesale !!!

Hello Empowrd Fam!! Happy Humpday! Is your week flying by? Feels like it is for us! Hope y'all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family!

We wanted to send a quick post to let everyone know that 25lb bulk bags are available for wholesale. These make for great food storage , restaurants who need gluten free to make for customers, or if you own your own food business ans would like to add to your menu! The shelf life is good for a whole year. You might even eat your own inventory, but we understand that!

If you know of anyone , or certain resteraunts that you need in your area to have our products on their menu, reach out to :

ATTN : Jackie or Bill

So far , the option for a gluten free diet is becoming more and more needed for menu items. Also , if we get a referral from our amazing EMPOWRD fam, we have awesome incentives for you too! Word of mouth is huge and referrals still work for us since we are unable to attend some of these trade shows!

Let's get hooked up with our products near you today! Have an amazing , healthy happy EMPOWRNG day! Love y'all


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