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Hello Muscle Donut Fam!

We hope y’all are staying healthy, fit, happy and safe during this month. It Seems like their is a sense of optimism and hope with alot of states opening up and allowing a little more interaction during this pandemic.

Optimism and positivity is Also a choice to be mentally fit too, not just physically.

If your diet requires gluten free products to be in your diet due to celiacs or you have any allergies with gluten, our products can fit those needs. A lot of people show signs of celiacs and do not even know it. And gluten can be the main culprit.

Always consult a physician who can perform a test for gluten sensitivity and know that it is a growing And serious issue in todays diet. Signs include inflammation and pain in your joints.

We wish everyone healthy eating habits and overall health who is struggling with celiacs and who wish to go gluten free.

Our products at are free of gluten and no preservatives. We want to empower our customers to choose our products for you all to eat healthier and to help with food choices that are gluten free. Just recently we found out our KETO mix is AMAZON’S choice!

Just search ”The Muscle Donut” - KETO

We thank all our customers who have made this possible! We Could not have done it without you guys.

We wish you ALL a healthy gluten free month this May! If you know of anyone that needs products like ours, please share and follow us on our social Channels. Stay up to date and subscribe to our newest products, announcements and future posts. Take care everyone, be safe and stay healthy, as well as physically and emotionally. #themuscledonut #glutenfree #celiacs #may #amazon #pancakes #waffles #keto #donuts #fitness #health #fit #food #thankful #ketocookies #ketocupcakes #love #thankfulforourcustomers

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